We are a full-service design-build company in the Rochester, MN area. We’re staunch believers in offering the most seamless design and building experience that we can offer. To accomplish this, we use highly creative architects and experienced contractors to custom-build your exact vision. We use the top-tier materials and products. Our project managers will oversee the project so that you’re consistently informed and that operation stays on schedule. We design and build properties and living spaces that will survive the test of time and can be enjoyed for many years after it’s been built.


Our team is perfectly built. We use only experienced architects that can accurately translate your vision into a detailed and specific drawing/blueprint. At this stage, we iron out the details, and will communicate with you to see and understand if things can be improved. Once the drawings are approved, we begin selecting the contractors to work on the job. We select the high quality materials to be used in the construction (commonly stone, wood and metal). Each product and material that we utilize is something that we’d feel comfortable putting in our own homes and properties.

The team that we put together and the products that we use form the foundation for a stylish, long-lasting home. We aim to construct the perfect property. To get as close to perfection as possible, our workmanship needs to be top-notch and our attention to detail needs to be laser-sharp. We employ only the most proper and efficient building procedures and practices, and we act as your partner for every step of the process. We keep our ears open, and we’ll consistently communicate with you to keep you informed of any progress. If you want to be involved, we make it incredibly easy for you. We love odd, difficult, challenging projects. Our dedicated team of professionals are up for the challenge, and have the experience to conquer the common setbacks and problems that builders face.

There are many moving parts to a project. You need a confident and knowledgeable team to quickly troubleshoot any setbacks problems. Our process remains the same with any type of home. Whether you want a prairie-style farmhouse, or an undeniably modern home, we can custom-build it to your exact specifications.


Our reliable team of builders and designers are equipped with the knowledge and workmanship to effectively get even the most difficult of jobs finished. The design and building process has notoriously been a headache for many property owners and managers. This is due to the fact that they hire different entities for different responsibilities. Usually, a separate architect and team of contractors and subcontractors will be hired for the job. When there are so many different hands in the pot, things can get cluttered, and the direction of the project can get derailed.

As a full-service design and building company, we take care of everything. We have architects, builders, designers, painters and project managers on our team. The design and building process is fluid when you use our services. That’s the difference that’s separates us from the pack. We’re happy to guide you along. Unlike other general contractors, we don’t shun our clientele. We want to see you involved in what we do. You’re the most important member of our team. Since 1989, we’ve helped property owners in Rochester, Mn and the greater Midwest area build the property of their dreams. We’d love to help you do the same.