Bringing properties back to life requires a deep understanding of the cosmetic and structural challenges of restoring distressed properties. Common setbacks like flooding, fire damage and time decay can completely deteriorate a property, and for us to revive that property to its original state requires planning and attention to detail. We’re up for the challenge.

Whether it’s a 19th century style home, a prairie-style farmhouse, a historic church, or a commercial office building, we can capably bring a property back to how it originally appeared. In the rural area of Rochester, Mn, we’ve restored many classically styled homes and properties. We know the proper restoration procedures, and we understand to restore a property (whether it’s historic or not) requires a sincere appreciation for the craft, and a serious grasp of any historical or cultural significance the property may have.


Our process is simple. We want to fully understand the job before we take it on, so we discuss the fine details with you to uncover your exact needs and expectations. We excel at large, complicated projects because we have the personnel that’s up for the job. Once we know what you want to see, we will either bring a highly qualified architect on board or use the architect that you’ve already selected.

The drawing board is the best place for your vision to be explicitly articulated and demonstrated, and it’s in this phase of the project that we fine-tune the appearance and specifications for the property. Once the drawings are done and approved, we get our expert contractors to work on rebuilding your property. Many of the projects we take on are of significance— whether it’s on a smaller, local level or a grand, national level. Many of these properties have something special about them, and it’s that special element that many property owners and managers want to restore and keep alive.

Reviving the life and charisma a property may have had in years past is no easy feat, and it’s not something that any company can do. It’s beyond the superficial details— it’s about capturing the spirit and personality of a property and accurately transferring that same spirit to our physical work. The craftsmen at RCBMI have a steady hand and an open ear, and are more than ready to fully envelop themselves in your special project. We want to make the restoration of your property as smooth as possible. For this reason, we are completely hands-on. We want you to be involved in every crucial step of the process as well. The communication between you and our team will be fluid, as we will make it easy for you to be involved in the process. Your property is in good hands because we take pride in what we do.

Since 1989, we restored larger-than-life properties in the Rochester, MN area, and we’ve taken on breathtaking projects across the Midwest. The vision that you have for the project is our engine, and our mission is to completely actualize that vision into a wildly successful project.