We take the ancient artform of timber framing and elevate it with modern technology. Our 10,000 sq. ft. facility is dedicated to timber construction. The timber that’s produced can be used for homes in the Rochester, Minnesota area or any location nationwide. We specialize in using recycled, eco-friendly timber.

People are flocking to timber construction, and are doing so for good reasons. Timber-framed homes are as functional as they are beautiful. They are structurally durable, and they are energy efficient. The goal is to build it once and have it last for generations— and timber frame homes are built to last. Each home or property starts with an idea. That idea takes shape in our drawings and blueprints, and it’s actualized when our team of builders begin working on your project.

Timber framing provides a phenomenal direction for the design and construction of your property, and can be the foundation that you need for your home to endure throughout time. Our dedicated team will help you choose the best timber frame structure. The structure that you choose should fit the blueprint that has already been designed. From there, we will build your home from the ground-up.

Timber framing has been around for thousands of years. Early civilizations utilized timber framing because it would help homes last for generations, and was the most dependable method of constructing a home. Timber framing provided the long-lasting skeleton for countless homes throughout the centuries. Eventually, the era of machines and mass production favored smaller dimensional lumber that could be quickly produced. In those days, it was easier to mass produce the smaller lumber. Today, the playing field has been leveled.

Our technology is capable of producing timber efficiently. And where timber framing was mainly used for functional purposes in years past, it is now also used to display the stylistic beauty of your home’s substructure. The beauty of the timbers are displayed within the interior of the home. The beams of timber are assembled and are fastened together to form the home’s structure. These beams are visually evident throughout the interior of the home.

Once we erect the timber frame structure, we enclose it with structurally insulated panels (SIP). These panels will leave your home airtight, so that hot or cold air cannot easily penetrate. If there are no cracks, and the home is sealed so that it’s airtight, your home will be more energy efficient.

The combination of historical authenticity, aesthetic flourishes, incredible durability, protective insulation, and ecological integrity make for an outstanding home. It’s the intersection of jaw-dropping beauty and unsurpassed practicality that makes timber framing so special. Few companies in the Rochester, MN area (or nationwide) can provide high quality timbers with such integrity.

We work as partners with our clients to choose the best type of timber for your home or property. We thoroughly analyze your project to see how we can custom-build your timber frame to meet the vision that you have in mind. We want to help you build the home of your dreams, and our timber frame design and building process will help you do just that.